We are a new, different, and better delivery service



We operate in a narrow geographic area which allows for logistical efficiencies and in turn a better price for our customers.


Overnight Delivery

Getting your package on-time matters. We deliver all of our packages overnight, allowing your clients to get their deliveries faster.



Powered by custom routing technology and electric vehicles, we combine efficiency with zero emissions to reduce our carbon footprint.



We have developed proprietary software that provides everything from real-time tracking and custom routing to virtual proof-of-delivery.

We deliver what matters, when it matters, at a significantly lower cost


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make sure my packaging meets my customer’s needs?

You can use the Urban Direct Packaging Lab for expert packaging and material testing. Testing your packaging before shipping helps ensure that it will meet your customer’s needs and expectations.

Does Urban Direct have recyclable packaging?

Our boxes are 100% recyclable.

My Urban Direct account is locked. How can I access it?

To update your username or password you need to visit the log in page and click “Forgot Password.”

How do I file a claim?

Please email customer service at customerservice@urbandirect.com.

Can I see a record of my past shipments?

Check your customer history page by logging in here.